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The Decision

Work Work Work Travel Work Rinse Repeat. Time for a change…
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Trip Prep

Planning, preparing and gearing-up…So much to do in so little time.
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Influences on our decision to go go go.

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Washington, DC to Ushuaia, Argentina

After quitting our jobs and selling everything we’re saying goodbye to friends, family and the D.C. area then hittin’ the road.  The plan is to visit family in Minnesota and Colorado while making our way to the West Coast.  Along with National Parks and sites we’ve always wanted to visit, we’ll be looking for good people, good times, good food and good beer/wine along the way.  This will be our “shakedown” leg of the trip, where we learn what works, what doesn’t and what drives us crazy.

Next, we head south through Baja Mexico.  We have no specific route planned, and will rely on information from locals and fellow travelers to guide us.  We’ll be looking for opportunities to volunteer and make new friends, while we hike, camp, swim, eat, learn, argue, go-for-broke, and drive through Central and South America. Thirteen-ish countries later we hope to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina with some amazing memories.

UPDATE! – We quit, saved, sold, said our goodbyes and hit the road.  2+ years later we’re still loving life on the road and are roaming around South America.