The Truck

After a good amount of research we learned that we had little chance of scoring a Toyota Hilux (diesel) here in The States, and an 05' or 06' 4x4 Tundra would be the ideal choice to pair with our pop-up camper. Based on reviews, they are reliable, overbuilt for a 1/2 ton, have the...

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Money $-$-$

In order to save up for this trip Jenna and I had to make some serious sacrifices.  For example, I had to cut back to two rounds per week at Congressional Country Club and switch from drinking Pappy […]

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The Decision

After planning the trip for over a year, Jenna and I tried to remember what sparked the idea to quit our jobs and drive through Central and South America.  We knew that our addiction to travel wasn’t getting its “fix” from the two week vacations anymore; […]

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