Sailing the San Blas – Family Fun In The Sun

Sailing the San Blas Islands – Panama

With Tortuga in the shipping container we had 1 week to play before meeting her in Cartagena and starting our South American portion of the journey. We originally planned to sail the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia but due to the time of year the northeasterly trade winds can make for a choppy, uncomfortable sail across the open seas.  In addition, all of the reputable boats were booked solid.  Faced with rough seas and reviews of boats packed like sardines, drunk captains and water shortages we called an audible and opted for a private sail with family to experience the San Blas Islands. (An archipelago of 378 mostly uninhabited islands off the coast of Panama characterized by crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and hammocks galore.)

My parents, sister, and Josh’s mom arrived in Panama City the day before our sailing adventure.  After a wine and pizza induced coma, hosted by local friends Alfredo and Mario, we passed out in anticipation of our 4am wakeup call.  By 5am we were on our way to meet our boat, the Micamale, and Italian crew, Andrea, Fabio and Alice.

We spent the next 3 days sailing from island to island, hammock napping, gorging on delicious Italian food prepared by our charismatic Captain Andrea, snorkeling, and imbibing (maybe a little too much). A break in the travels to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family was much needed and so much fun! The proof is in the pudding photos…

The San Blas are very primitive islands. With the exception of a few Dish satellites and solar panels atop thatched roofs you don’t see much else by way of modern conveniences. After a few days on the boat the crew was ready to take hot showers, crawl into nice fluffy beds and bask in the AC to cool our burnt skin.  Off to Panama City for a bit more sightseeing!

We spent the last few days exploring as tourists in Casco Viejo, The Causeway, and the Panama Canal. Thanks again to Alfredo & Mario for being such a generous hosts!

With big bellies and full hearts we said our goodbyes and parted ways.  Thanks for visiting, we love you!  Hasta luego!!!

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