Overland Packing List – Gear, Supplies, and Too Much Crap!

Overland Packing List

Ever wondered what to pack for 2+ years, 14+ countries and 4 seasons of travel?  We don’t know either but here’s what we’ve managed to squeeze into our tiny home on wheels! Overland Packing List!

Omnia Oven 
Utencils: 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons
Mixing Bowl
Bowls: 2 cereal
Plates: 2 metal
Flexible Cutting Boards
Pot Scraper
GSI Pot/Pan Set
Large Spoon
Egg Holder 
Nestable tupperware (3)
Measuring Cup and Spoons
Coffee Cups (3)
Cups (4)
GSI removeable stem wine glass (2)
Corkscrew/Bottle opener (2)
Can Opener
Dish Drainer
Travel Amateur Koozies (4)
Hot pad (2)
Knives (3 with protective cover)
GSI Halulite Kettle
GSI Java Drip w/cone #4 filters

Handcrank Coffee Grinder
Magic Bullet Small blender
Dr. Bonners Castille Soap
Dish towel (2)
Lysol Disinfectant wipes

Quick Dry towels (2)
Wash cloth
Shower organizer/bags (2)
Mens haircutting kit
Travel size brush/comb
Dry shampoo
Coconut oil (lotion)
Ear plugs
Baby wipes (5 packs)
Luggable Loo Toilet Seat Cover w/3 gallon bucket
P-style – Gotta Have It!
Popup Privy
Toilet paper
Double Doodie Toilet Waste Bags

headlamps (2)
Maglite w/mount
solar lantern
2 egg lights  

Foam egg crate (queen)
12v Electric Heated Mattress Pad
2 sleeping bags (Marmot Sorcerer & Mavericks)
2 blankets
2 pillows
2 flat sheets (1 extra)
4 pillow cases (2 extra)
2 throw pillows

Laptops (2)
12v Laptop Charging Cord
Tablets (2)
Camera Canon S95
Camera Underwater Tough
Dash Cam
Gorilla Pod
Selfie Stick 😉
Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, sandproof, shockproof
External Harddrive (2)
Unlocked Apple iPhone
Solar Panels
Headphones (2)
Ipod (2)
Portable fan rechargeable
Endless breeze fan
Extra batteries

Viair 300P Compressor
2/3 epoxy
Truck bottle jack
Jack Stand
Lug nut key
Duct and electrical tape
Various electrical connectors/wiring
Voltage Tester
Various fasteners
Zip ties
Spare fuses
Tire repair/seal kit
Mechanics tool set
Blind Spot Mirrors
Recovery Strap
Deep Cycle Marine Battery (2)
Jumper Cables
Spare 1/2 Axle
Receiver hitch & shackle

First Aid Kit
Pepper spray
Knives and Leatherman
Fire extinguisher
Co2 & Propane Detector
Dummy wallet/possessions
Safety triangles
Bear spray

Pelican case bolted to floor
Plastic Storage Drawers (in truck) (2)
Small Plastic Bins behind couch (2)
Reuseable bags (2)
Fliptop bin (in truck)
Safe bag
Extra Velcro
Over sink velco organizer
Gear Ties
Gear Hammock
Grid-It Organizer

Inflatable SUP
High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve
SUP Paddle
Snorkel Gear (2)
Fishing Poles + tackle
Portable Collapsible Cooler
Spear Gun
Beach Umbrella
Beach towel
Cheap Floatie
Playing Cards

His & Hers List

Raincoats (1 ea)
Down jackets (1 ea)
Jeans (2 ea)
Travel Pants (2 ea)
Shorts (2 ea)
Swimsuits (3 ea)
Swim shirts/Rash Guard (1 ea)
Belt (1 ea)
Underwear (10 ea)
Flip Flops (2 ea)
Hiking Shoes (1 ea)
Shower Flip-Flops (1 ea)
Water Shoes (1 ea)
Tennis Shoes (1 ea)
T-shirts (10 ea)
Long Sleeve Shirts (2 ea)
Hat (1 ea)
Socks (6 ea)
Sunglasses (1 ea)

Hers (extra stuff)
Capri (1)
Sun dress (3)
Sun hat
Yoga Pants (2)
Workout Top (3)

Road Atlas
Travel cards (300)
2015 Mexico Atlas
Paper maps
Books & E-books

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  1. Bill Larson July 3, 2016 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Josh, How did you hook-up your Renogy 100W, 12V, Monocrystalline Solar Panel ($140) to your Hawk 4WC? I want to use this Solar Panel as a portable unit on the “ground” to charge my one auxilliary 12V battery, Laptop and 2 portable fans. Is connecting to my 2004 Grandby 4WC simply a matter of using an extension cord from the Solar Panel to the Shore Power electrical male wall outlet on the exterior wall of the camper??? Or does the connection have to be manually wired into the electrical junction box inside the camper??? Does my camper already have a “Battery Charger – Charge Controller”??? If it needs to be wired into the panel – where can I have this work done if I live in Olympia, WA. Maybe, Stan of 4WC fame is reading this inquiry and can respond? Tnx from Wander the West member >Oly Bill

    • Josh July 3, 2016 at 10:57 am - Reply

      Hi Bill. We connected our panels via the solar roof plug on our FWC. Do you have the rear wall solar plug on your camper and/or the roof plug? You will not be able to plug in a solar panel using the shore power electical plug as it is wired into a converter/charger for AC. If you are able to charge your camper via shore power then you do have a converter/charger but this is only for plugging into AC power. If you do not already have a solar setup installed then I do not believe you will have a charge controller installed. Basically a completed setup might look something like the following: Solar panel–>MC4 connector & cord–>some sort of plug to enter the camper–>fuse–>solar controller–>fuse–>Battery Monitor(optional)–>fuse–>House Battery. Our setup is as follows: 2x100W panels–>MC4 cables (in parallel)–>FWC roof plug–>fuse–>Bogart SC2030 Charge Controller–>fuse–>Bogart TM2030 Battery Monitor–>fuse–>House Batteries. I’m not too familiar with the Washington area but I’m sure Stan or someone on wanderthewest could make a recommendation for having the work completed. Best of luck with getting off the grid and back to wandering!

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