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Four Wheel Camper – Hawk

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2006 Toyota Tundra – DC 4×4

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‘Renovating’ our new home.

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Our New Home (Tortuga)

We’ve traded in our apartment for a Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper (FWC).  There’s no yard to maintain, no landlord or HOA, and we can change neighbors whenever we please…

We decided on a 4WD truck and a lightweight aluminum-framed camper so we could get really ‘out there’ before realizing we’re lost and ill-prepared.  A normal vehicle would whimper at the site of rough terrain.  On the other hand, the Tundra and FWC will let us drive up a mountain via a narrow rock bed until we are stuck with no way to turn around, without making a peep.  At least it has a fridge, which will be stocked with cold beer for those head-scratcher moments when I inevitably get us into a pickle.  The beer will make it appear that I’m simply resting before executing my well-thought-out fix to the problem.  Don’t tell Jenna though…she thinks I know “stuff.”  Just wait til’ she sees me without Google and YouTube at my disposal.