Married In Belize – UnBelizeable!

“I’ll have a Belikin please.”  Seeing as how Jenna ordered the much stronger stout, I receive my “regular” Belikin with a smirk and a glance back to Jenna.  She grins tipping the top of her bottle in the bartender’s direction and I notice I’m no longer wearing the proverbial pants.  I peel the napkin neck-tie off the top of the beer and use it to wipe the invisible factory rust that is rumored to stay on these re-conditioned bottles.  This time there’s an orange-brown streak on my serviette…holy crap, it’s true! You better Belize it.

We’re at a restaurant on the water, with family we met only yesterday, and we’re about to tie the knot.  We barely realize the ceremony has begun until the officiant’s mesmerizing British accent pulls us into the moment.  Five minutes ago we were sharing plates of ceviche and bottles of Belikin, but have somehow transitioned into an alcohol induced, impromptu ceremony that feels more real than we expected.  We’re holding hands, words are spoken, and a ring flashes in the sunlight.  Our unexpectedly nervous giggles soften as we catch each other’s eyes and the crowd applauds the new couple.

I’ll rewind.  Yesterday morning we crossed the border from Mexico into Belize and headed for the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  After our first hand-cranked ferry crossing we reach our planned camp stop and celebrate with our “new country, new beer” border day tradition.  We’ve found ourselves in the middle of a dart competition and a few fun conversations with locals have convinced us that we need to visit Orchid Bay.

Orchid Bay – Belize

Another hand-cranked ferry and we’re on the coast!  While snagging Belikins from the on-site restaurant we exchange pleasantries with a friendly couple, and are invited to their beautiful bed and breakfast.  Our new friends are Stephen and Laurene, and we’re overlooking the bay from the roof top bar of the Crimson Orchid Inn.  Hot sun, cold beer, coastal breezes and smiles all around.

Lounging on the terrace we also meet a trio of special guests; Mike, Nelson & Rick.  Our conversations begin with introductions and a brief summary of our travels, and evolve as the sun sets into meaningful topics only discussed with close friends.  For the next two days we were barred from paying for drinks or meals and received more hospitality than we deserved.  It’s amazing how a positive happy group can meld together so quickly, but we never expected a surprise wedding!  All I remember is laughing, drinking, ceviche, then “We are gathered here today,”  “Do you take Jenna..,” a ring, and boom…Married!  Good People, Good Times.

On our last day, Jenna and I take a walk in the sand, enjoying the glow from both the setting sun and our surprise union.   While not exactly real, the preview of our future has me smiling ear-to-ear, and we walk into the restaurant to find that the wedding spectacle has only begun.  Our new friends have spread the news and we arrived to a celebration in our honor.  Drinks, dinner and even gifts for the new couple have us wondering if it has gone too far.  Wondering if we should reveal the ruse to those congratulating us.

In the end, we let the good times roll.  What makes it real anyway???  Even now, we kiddingly have to ask ourselves…Are We Married??

Thanks again to our friends from Orchid Bay!  It was Unbelizeable!!!

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  1. Amanda December 11, 2016 at 9:15 am - Reply

    Love this! Wow, Belize looks amazing. My boyfriend sent me the link to your blog – he’s been reading non-stop. His dream is to do exactly what you’re doing right now! Maybe in a couple of years we’ll have the opportunity to do so. 🙂

    • Jenna December 11, 2016 at 9:29 am - Reply

      Thank you for the sweet comment, Amanda! We appreciate it! Our suggestion…do it! 😉

  2. Rosalind December 30, 2016 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    Congratulations! of course you are married – even if only in Belize (an wherever else you want to be!).

    Am really loving your blog as we are on the home run toward our own adventures overland through Central America. We finally get to retire on March 3rd (thanks in part to the cheap cost of living in Central America) and are in the process of getting rid of everything that we own (except for our travel option which is our 8 year old Prius) and a couple of suitcases of clothes along with one computer bag each. We have four tantalizing one week resort vacations booked (thanks to the sale of and previous lack of use of our timeshare) in Mexico. So on the first week of April we head out in the car drive from San Antonio to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarto, Acapulco and Cancun – between those destinations and all times before and after that, we just ad lib with local ‘se rente’ and Arirbnb for special occasions. We plan on spending a couple of months in some places maybe only days or weeks in other as we wend our way towards Ecuador (# 1 at the moment on our may stay there even longer list).

    Our prep. (including a trial run to Saltillo Mexico to test the border crossing process) and ongoing adventures can be found here if you are interested:

    Unlike you we are at the other end of life, done the career and kids and mortgage thing, now we are set to do the ‘lets live, explore and give back to the world’ thing.

    Looking forward to your further adventures – thanks for sharing !

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